Artful Appearance

In planning the new Superior Abrasives facility, great consideration was placed into the progressive architecture to represent growth, style and the modern phase of operations. To complement the architecture, interior designer Sabina Pequinot suggested the artwork of Mike Elsass. Elsass’ work focuses on beautifying rusted and tarnished metal through layers and layers of paint and other media. Superior found a connection with their own product processes – finishing and polishing rough or imperfect workpieces. Upon discussions with Elsass, he was thrilled to see all the grains and textures that were part of the abrasive raw materials and asked to incorporate them into his art pieces. Elsass was pleased with the modern architecture of the facility and was extremely excited to complement his work. In exchange for the art, future clients are able to visit Superior and view his work in such a setting.

Most of the art featured in the facility was custom made, including a salvaged airplane wing hosted in the entrance hallway. The wing was inspired by the close proximity to the Dayton International Airport and the region’s strong heritage in flight.

Elsass hosted an event with Superior management, in which each individual created their own piece using the same techniques that make Elsass’ art so unique. The individual pieces are displayed in the facility and treated as a signature of all who helped create the new home of Superior Abrasives.

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