Surface Conditioning Belts

SHUR-BRITE™ Surface Conditioning Belts Ensure Consistent Quality – Ideal for Large Surface Treatment


(Vandalia, OH) Superior Abrasives, LLC introduces SHUR-BRITE™ Surface Conditioning Belts which feature an open structure to resist overheating, part discoloration, or loading, to ensure consistent quality over the belt life, making it ideal for treating large surface areas.   With repeatable finishes, SHUR-BRITE™ belts are ideal for large scale robotic applications.  Users can create linear scratch patters on stainless steel food equipment, and blend or re-orient scratch patterns after repairs.    High edge durability and flexibility without chunking, and smear-free removal of oxidation, paint or adhesives make them ideal for many manufacturing and re-manufacturing environments.  Ideal for a wide variety of materials including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, stainless steel, exotic alloys, plastics, and composites.

In narrow or short form, like file belts, the surface conditioning material is manufactured with additional flex, easily conforming to small contact wheels and narrow areas of the workpiece.  They are ideal for airfile belt sanders, portable belt sanders, and benchstand belt sanders.

Wide belts utilize a low stretch reinforcement, providing stability and reduced changeover on large, robotic equipment.  Reduced stretching and high edge retention ensures durability and consistent performance throughout use.  They generate lower heat which provides longer service life.

A variety of SHUR-KUT Coated Belt materials are also available for more aggressive removal, shaping or finishing of handheld or stationary workpieces.

Superior Abrasives, LLC. is a leading manufacturer of abrasive tools for surface finishing applications.  They manufacture a full lineup of products including quick change discs, flap wheels, PSA products, belts, shop rolls, cartridge rolls, and more, from their 100,000 square foot factory. For additional information, visit, email, call (800) 235-9123, or write to Superior Abrasives, LLC., 1620 Fieldstone Way, Vandalia, OH 45377.


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