No compromise between durability and flexibility.

Without compromise between edge durability and flexibility, S-Flex Surface Conditioning Belts withstand critical Aerospace and General Fabrication applications requiring narrow belt operations. The semi-friable, aluminum oxide grains provide sharp cuts and consistent finishing throughout belt life and resist shedding or chunking due to their micro-fracture properties.

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  • Deburring and blending
  • Smear-free removal of oxidation, paint or adhesives
  • Consistent and repeatable finishing
  • Extreme edge durability, maximizing belt life


  • Performance tests revealed extremely reduced shedding and chunking versus competitors
  • Material removal saw up to a 30% increase over competitors (CRS, MED)
  • Longer sizes have proven no stretching and excellent tensile strength

S-Flex provides up to 30% more material removal than leading competitors.

Due to significantly reduced shedding and chunking, S-Flex belts can achieve 200% lifespan of competitive belts.

SHUR-BRITE Satin Cross Buffs

SHUR-BRITE Satin Cross Buffs

Complementing our existing offering, 8-32 eyelets are now available

The structure and tensile strength of Satin Finishing materials provide cutting action from all directions, allowing Satin Cross Buffs to work well in tubes, concave areas, or around tight angles. Multiple plies (up to three) create more surface area to conform and flex while pushed or pulled through inside diameters.

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  • 2-or-3-ply for added loft, cushion and surface area
  • Ply affects compression and conformability


  • 4 fingers create more depth with 3-ply Cross Buffs, providing more surface area
  • 3-ply, 6 fingers for maximum material exposure


  • 2 or 3 ply for added structure or surface area
  • 4 or 6 finger design for increased loft
  • Clean or polish tube, pipe or cylindrical parts
  • Easily reach around or under flanges
  • Deburr cut tube or drilled holes
  • Lightly chamfer recessed areas


Material: High Strength Satin
Diameter: 3/4” to 3”
Eyelet: 8-32 or 1/4”-20

ALPHA-KUT Quick Change Discs

ALPHA-KUT Quick Change Discs

Introducing our most aggressive coated material


As part of our core item offering, Superior Abrasives is a leader in quick change disc production and always looking for innovative additions to our product range. ALPHA-KUT™ is the introduction of our most aggressive coated material available in quick change form. As a potential replacement for some small cutting wheels, coated abrasives, especially in quick change form, are relatively user-friendly and much more forgiving than bonded products. Material can be removed quickly and shaped or smoothed over in one step, reducing tooling changeover for operators. ALPHA-KUT™ allows us to pursue industries like foundries and heavy-duty fabrication while offering a safer, less expensive alternative to some current products used.

What is ALPHA-KUT?

Our new ALPHA-KUT™ product consists of triangular, precision-formed abrasive grains, exhibiting the continually self-sharpening properties and wear characteristics of ceramics for maximum life and consistent cutting action. The triangular grains are applied upright for the sharpest cutting angle, which will reduce heat generation caused by friction. Additional grinding aid is added to prolong the cool-cutting action.

The strength of the manufactured grain is complimented with a rigid, fiber backing, producing stability and added pressure for maximum stock removal. In quick change form no additional liner or backing is necessary, as buttons are securely bonded directly to the fiber.

  • Triangular, precision-formed ceramic grains
  • Consistent, optimum cutting angle
  • Self-sharpening ceramic wear characteristics
  • Stable base with sharp cutting points
  • Immediate, aggressive stock removal
  • Durable, rigid fiber backing
  • Reduced heat buildup with grinding aid


ALPHA-KUT™ quick change discs can simply be used in the same manner as other coated quick change discs, but would be overkill on anything less than heavy material removal or hardened materials. Primary examples include cast parts in which the sprue is removed, large parts with excessive parting lines, or large weld removal in narrow or otherwise inaccessible areas of larger workpieces.

  • Cast parts shaping or removal, including sprues or parting lines
  • Leveling and rough shaping
  • Large weld or seam removal and blending
  • Heavy material removal

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Primarily, the foundry and fabrication industries are most accepting of aggressive removal products. Hours and even days are spent prepping large cast parts for further machining or final use, so reduced operator effort, or tooling and product changeover can accumulate to several hours of savings every week. In smaller forms of fabrication, ALPHA-KUT™ will be used as an ultra-aggressive coated abrasive producing speed over other products.

  • Foundries and Fabricators using the following:
    • Cast Iron
    • Ductile Iron
    • Stainless Steel
    • Carbon Steel


You will find that while ALPHA-KUT™ can complement existing coated abrasives, it may be a suitable replacement for small diameter or light-use cutting wheels. The relatively forgiving nature of coated quick change discs allows new and inexperienced operators to perform tasks without much risk to expensive workpieces, and can reduce secondary processes.

While quick change discs do not have the surface area of 4-1/2”+ resin fiber discs, they have the advantage of being controllable in narrow or hard-to-access geometries. ALPHA-KUT™ can also be presented as value-added solutions to the operator.

  • Replacement for light-use cutting wheels
  • Most aggressive coated abrasive
  • More forgiving than cut-off or grinding wheels (bonded abrasives)
  • Medium to high contact pressure

DiameterMax RPMOptimal RPMStd. Pkg.36 Grit

ALPHA-KUT quick change discs are available in limited sizes and only one grit size.

  • Type R quick change
  • Military-grade nylon button
  • No additional backing liner
  • Available in 1-1/2″,  2″ &  3″ diameter

SHUR-KUT Quick Change Discs

With one of the largest material offerings in our product lineup, coated quick change discs are a workhorse

Some of the versatility of quick change discs comes from the vast offering of materials. While ceramic materials are specialized in application, several other grains also cater to ideal operations. The unique quick change functionality eases transitions between materials to make these discs one of the most agile products in our offering.

Each unique group of abrasive grains share similar qualities tailored toward specific applications and operations. Some factors to consider when choosing abrasive grains are cut rate, finish quality, production environment and cost, as applied to any particular surface or workpiece.

The reduced diameter of quick change discs provide ease of use on intricate parts and excellent control when shaping or blending surface imperfections

  • General purpose grinding and stock removal
  • Deburring or parting line removal on cast parts
  • Spot weld removal and blending
  • Mold and cavity grinding and refurbishing
  • Grinding and preparing hot castings