SHUR-BRITE™ Surface Conditioning

A versatile material for a multitude of applications


Like other nonwoven abrasives, SHUR-BRITE™ Surface Conditioning consists of fibers, grains and resins, but is more aggressive. The unique characteristic is the integrated woven substrate, or scrim reinforcement, which creates strength and one-sided use, similar to SHUR-KUT™ Coated Abrasives. Variations of SHUR-BRITE™ Surface Conditioning reinforcement include Standard Scrim, Low Stretch (LS) and Flex (XF).


Surface conditioning materials are considered the workhorse of SHUR-BRITE™ Nonwoven Abrasives. Consider the same form and function of coated abrasives, with the added benefits of conformability and forgiveness, reduced loading, and consistent performance. SHUR-BRITE™ Surface Conditioning products are not as aggressive as most SHUR-KUT™ Coated Abrasives but showcase their versatility between heavy grinding and fine finishing with several material grades available.

  • Consistent finishes throughout product life
  • Lower operational heat than coated abrasives
  • Reduced loading, smearing and discoloration
  • Reduced process stages
  • Suitable for wet or dry applications
  • Conformable cutting action better for off-hand finesse


  • Mold & die restoration polishing
  • Blending coated abrasive scratch patterns
  • Surface preparation before painting or coating
  • Architectural & aesthetic finishing
  • Blending parting lines on cast parts
  • Stock removal & weld blending
  • Corrosion, rust & oxidation removal
  • Spatter removal & cleanup
  • Removing flash & runners from cast parts
  • Gasket & adhesives removal
  • Paint, scale or surface coating removal
  • Off-hand finishing & cleaning

XE High Performance

Heavy duty action with a unique resin formula. Firm cutting action for aggressive stock removal.

EP Extended Performance

Aggressive cutting action and consistent finishing. Better edge retention for extended life.

GD Grind Duty

Balanced cutting rate and repeatable finishing qualities.

FD Finish Duty

Excellent surface finish control.