No compromise between durability and flexibility.

Without compromise between edge durability and flexibility, S-Flex Surface Conditioning Belts withstand critical Aerospace and General Fabrication applications requiring narrow belt operations. The semi-friable, aluminum oxide grains provide sharp cuts and consistent finishing throughout belt life and resist shedding or chunking due to their micro-fracture properties.

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  • Deburring and blending
  • Smear-free removal of oxidation, paint or adhesives
  • Consistent and repeatable finishing
  • Extreme edge durability, maximizing belt life


  • Performance tests revealed extremely reduced shedding and chunking versus competitors
  • Material removal saw up to a 30% increase over competitors (CRS, MED)
  • Longer sizes have proven no stretching and excellent tensile strength

S-Flex provides up to 30% more material removal than leading competitors.

Due to significantly reduced shedding and chunking, S-Flex belts can achieve 200% lifespan of competitive belts.