4″ x 2″ x 5/8″-11 Satin Wheel for Angle Grinders

Variable Speed Angle Grinder

Satin flaps conform to surfaces without altering part geometry or damaging intricate features. Easily used on larger parts without frequent changeover. Made with a quick change hub for use with right angle grinders, no extra tooling necessary.

  • Diameter:4"
  • Width:2"
  • Arbor Diameter:5/8"-11
  • Max RPM:6,000
  • Opt RPM:3,000
  • Brand:SHUR-BRITE™
  • Material Type:Nonwoven
  • Nonwoven Class:Heavy Duty
  • Nonwoven Category:Satin Finishing
  • Abrasive Grain:Aluminum Oxide
  • Mounting:Arbor Mounted
  • Product Form:Wheel for Angle Grinder
  • Grade:FINE
  • Standard Package Quantity:5
  • Stock Status:Stock