2″ Type S Quick Change Disc

Right Angle Die Grinder

Durable and long-lasting finishing when a higher cut rate is necessary. Strong fibers resist snagging or tearing on intricate parts and can handle higher applied pressure. The quick change holder provides directional pressure from the tool for better control and off-hand finesse.

  • Diameter:2"
  • Button Type:Type S
  • Max RPM:12,000
  • Opt RPM:7,000
  • Brand:SHUR-BRITE™
  • Material Type:Nonwoven
  • Nonwoven Class:High Strength
  • Nonwoven Category:Satin Finishing
  • Abrasive Grain:Aluminum Oxide
  • Color Family:Maroon
  • Waterproof:Yes
  • Product Form:Quick Change Disc
  • Grade:FINE
  • Standard Package Quantity:50
  • Stock Status:Stock