4-1/2″ x 7/8″ Hook & Loop Disc

Variable Speed Angle Grinder

An assisted-centering arbor hole ensures consistent disc alignment every changeover. Use on right angle grinders with rubber backing pad and retainer nut, for higher rotational speed.
Controlled cut rate and surface finishing range on harder metals. Balanced density of grains and resin reduce heat generation, loading and smearing on both hard or soft materials.

  • Diameter:4-1/2"
  • Arbor Diameter:7/8"
  • Max RPM:8,000
  • Opt RPM:3,000
  • Brand:SHUR-BRITE™
  • Material Type:Nonwoven
  • Nonwoven Class:Grind Duty
  • Nonwoven Category:Surface Conditioning
  • Abrasive Grain:Aluminum Oxide
  • Color Family:Maroon/Maroon
  • Backing Type:Scrim
  • Waterproof:Yes
  • Attachment Type:Hook & Loop
  • Mounting:Arbor Mounted
  • Product Form:Hook & Loop Disc
  • Grade:MED
  • Standard Package Quantity:20
  • Stock Status:Non-Stock