7″ x 7/8″ Resin Fiber Disc

Right Angle Grinder

Self-sharpening grains continually produce fresh cutting points, reducing friction and prolonging cut rates. Additional grinding aid further reduces heat, extending disc life. Densely pressed fiber backing retains grain orientation and contact pressure against stainless and exotic alloys.

  • Diameter:7"
  • Arbor Diameter:7/8"
  • Max RPM:8,600
  • Opt RPM:5,400
  • Brand:SHUR-KUT™
  • Material Type:Coated
  • Abrasive Grain:Ceramic
  • Grain Enhancement:Grinding Aid
  • Backing Type:Cloth
  • Product Form:Resin Fiber Disc
  • Grit:50
  • Standard Package Quantity:25
  • Stock Status:Non-Stock