2″ Type R Quick Change Disc

Right Angle Die Grinder

Reduced heat, general purpose grinding action on a variety of materials. Ideal for stock removal, shaping and deburring. Specially applied grinding aid reduces heat in aggressive, high pressure applications, extending cutting life.

  • Diameter:2"
  • Button Type:Type R
  • Max RPM:30,000
  • Opt RPM:10,500
  • Brand:SHUR-KUT™
  • Material Type:Coated
  • Abrasive Grain:Aluminum Oxide
  • Grain Enhancement:Grinding Aid
  • Color Family:Maroon
  • Backing Type:Cloth
  • Backing Material:Polyester; Cotton
  • Backing Weight:X-Wt.
  • Bond Type:Resin/Resin
  • Grain Coverage:Closed Coat
  • Product Form:Quick Change Disc
  • Grit:120
  • Standard Package Quantity:100
  • Stock Status:Stock